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Unpack Once To Cruise Through Europe

Cruising Through Europe The ultimate hassle-free vacation in Europe would eliminate unpacking, repacking and unpacking, again and again. We found the answer lies in river cruising, where we unpack once. A European cruise has the added advantage of allowing you to visit several countries in a short span. This mode… Read More
  • Pamela Lovegren |
  • June 26, 2020
Tips & Tricks for the DIY Traveler

5 Tips & Tricks for the DIY Traveler

Flying to Spain for my birthday was a magnificent plan. Then COVID-19 hit worldwide with a vengeance. All vacations, tours, and world-renown sites canceled as countries began to close their borders, and you know the rest. Now Spain is back on my bucket list. However, with the research and planning… Read More
  • Pamela Lovegren |
  • June 5, 2020
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Take the Perfect Trip to the South of France

Sight Seeing in the South of France is a Memorable Experience How does one get to all these enchanting villages and towns? By driving on narrow roads scarcely wide enough for one and one-half cars. My son, a world traveler, agreed to be the designated chauffeur. Then one day he… Read More
  • Pamela Lovegren |
  • December 13, 2019

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