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How Much Protein Do You REALLY Need?

If you’re restricting calories to watch your weight or eating only plant-based foods, there’s a good chance you’re not getting enough protein — and that could be a real problem. “Protein is a building block for muscles,” says Natalia Anderson, a certified health coach for Exhale Spa in New York… Read More
  • Lisa Held |
  • October 17, 2020
weight training for women

4 Reasons You Should Be Weight Training — and How to Start

In the past, workouts marketed to women tended to focus on cardio, and many still do (aerobics, spinning, dance). That’s starting to change, and top trainers say that’s a very good thing — weight training is especially beneficial for women over 45. “Our ability to gain muscle is so incredibly important… Read More
  • Lisa Held |
  • April 19, 2020

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