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Lafayette 148

Lafayette 148 Knows What Women Want

Prime Women was thrilled to be able to partner with guest fashion editor Barbara Warren, founder of Perennial Project to bring you this special post on the beautiful clothes from Lafayette 148. When I want to look and feel my best, there are a number of things I need to do.… Read More
  • Barbara Warren |
  • August 3, 2018

What Types of Physical Activities are Best for Prime Women?

Just because we are chronologically growing older, does not mean our bodies and minds need to align with our physical age. Science continually conducts tests proving the benefits of physical activity stave off physical deterioration. We are so accustomed to anticipating our physical decline with age we haven't spent enough… Read More
  • Barbara Warren |
  • June 14, 2018

About Barbara Warren

Barbara Warren

Barbara Warren is an experienced entrepreneur and innovative thinker who has created two successful brands within the fashion industry, White + Warren cashmere and B3.0 luxury active wear. Barbara also consults with start-ups and prospering businesses looking to redefine their brand, or in need of product innovation, marketing, or communications expertise. Most recently, she launched a blog and media company called Perennial Project addressing the lifestyle, challenges, and changes associated with women in their middle years. She is being applauded for her efforts in bringing attention to a vital, relevant, and growing demographic that is largely ignored by advertisers and consumer brands. Her style and business savvy make her a uniquely qualified voice for Perennial women. Barbara will be appearing on television and at conferences in the upcoming months.The Warren family resides in Manhattan on the Upper West Side along with two Golden Retrievers. Barbara spends recreational time cooking lavish meals for family and friends, gardening, decorating, collecting art, playing tennis, working out, and traveling.