I Took A Supplement Cocktail For 30 Days—Here’s What Happened

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Whether you’ve been religiously taking your vitamins for years or you’re shopping around for supplements, deciding on a trustworthy brand is a big deal. After all, we’re trusting them to supplement the vitamins and minerals we need to function at our best! And if this year has taught us anything, it’s that we should never take our health and well-being for granted. I’ve personally been trying various workout plans and attempting to curb my takeout habit for the past few months, but it wasn’t enough. I couldn’t kick this looming feeling of fatigue, and even the strongest cup of coffee could not shake it. So when HUM Nutrition approached me about trying some of their vitamins and supplements, I jumped at the chance. Keep reading for my 30-day experience with HUM Nutrition and their Daily Cleanse, B-12 Turbo, and Base Control vitamins. 

My 30-Day Experience With HUM Nutrition Vitamins

To be completely honest, I’ve always had a hard time taking my vitamins consistently. Sometimes I plain forget, and other times I skip them because I normally don’t eat breakfast. And most of us are familiar with that awful stomach pain that’s associated with taking vitamins on an empty stomach. But I was committed to taking these vitamins consistently for 30 days, and here’s what my month of HUM Nutrition was really like… 

I introduced all three of my vitamins at the same time — Daily Cleanse, B-12 Turbo, and Base Control.

hum nutrition daily cleanse

Daily Cleanse

HUM Nutrition’s Daily Cleanse capsules contain 14 detoxifiers, including Chlorella and Spirulina, to help improve skin clarity, and rid the body of toxins that can cause breakouts. It’s also used to aid in digestion and support detoxification.

I would take two of these vitamins before lunch every day and made a conscious effort to double my water intake. I typically have pretty clear skin but had been battling some hormonal cystic acne around my chin for the past week. After a month of taking Daily Cleanse, I noticed that the( typically long-lingering) cysts seemed to calm down. I also noticed that my skin didn’t seem as red or blotchy after my workouts. I shouldn’t be too surprised — these supplements are packed with anti-inflammatory nutrients like copper, manganese, and red clover, which are all well-known for improving clarity. 

hum nutrition b12 turbo

B12 Turbo

As a recently relapsed vegetarian, I am no stranger to the wonders of B12 supplements and injections. It seems that every time I get an injection, I am flying high for about a week after. They’re like magic! So I was very excited to start this bottle of B12 Turbo. This bottle is specifically formulated for vegan diets (although anyone can take them!) and helps boost energy levels while supporting the nervous system and helping our bodies form red blood cells. 

Because I’m an energy junkie, I would take these in the morning before my cup of coffee and a soft-boiled egg. I also love how small the supplements are — they’re not like those hard-to-stomach horse-sized pills and they’re very easy to take. Unfortunately, there were a few days where I forgot to take them. I not-so-coincidentally forgot to make coffee and eat breakfast on those same days. However, I definitely noticed a downward shift in my energy levels on the days that I did not take them. 

hum nutrition base control

Base Control

Ah, the dreaded multi-vitamin. The one I can never, ever remember to take every day. I decided to take this one with my B-12 supplement with coffee and breakfast. Again, I missed a few days over the course of 30 days, but I’m pretty proud that I finished the bottle! Base Control is perhaps the most important one of the bunch as it contains 22 micro-nutrients and iron. It meets the recommended dietary allowance for most nutrients and complements any diet. 

I always feel better when I remember to take my multi-vitamin, so it was no surprise that taking this for a month made me feel great. However, what really stood out to me with these multi-vitamins is that I didn’t have a stomachache after taking them! It sealed the deal for me — I’ll definitely be subscribing (more on that below). 

What Else You Should Know About HUM Nutrition

Take their quiz to find the best vitamins for you!

In order to avoid a shelf full of supplements you don’t need, hit up a HUM Nutrition’s team of Registered Dieticians for personalized advice and recommendations! Take their quick quiz with your goals and lifestyle and an RD will send back customized recommendations to help you achieve real results.

You can subscribe for better deals. 

HUM Nutrition offers $10 off your first order and an extra 15% if you buy three supplements or more, so be sure and take their quiz to see which options would best fit with your diet and lifestyle.

I’m signed up for their monthly subscription so I never have to worry about running out of vitamins. Even better, they send me reminder emails, just in case I need to skip a month or want to change my products. As the seasons and my needs change it’s very easy to swap out different supplements if you’d like to try something new.

Are you taking the right vitamins?



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