Fasting with Food – who knew?!

ProLon's 5-day fast-mimicking diet helps you tackle fasting without depriving yourself of food. Try it out to lose weight while promoting cellular rejuvenation, healthy aging and longevity, and better metabolic health.
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In October, I attended the Living Well Dallas event at the Vouv and was intrigued by the L-Nutra presentation by their CEO, Joseph Antoun, MD. As a woman in her early 50s, a cancer survivor, and recently divorced, I was captivated by his presentation regarding the benefits of periodic fasting as a way to induce cellular & metabolic rejuvenation – a powerful mechanism for slowing cellular aging that may be used to treat diseases in patients by triggering a survival defense mode. Of course, weight loss was also on my mind.

5 Days Seems Like Forever

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The concept of fasting for five days seemed inconceivable because, for me, not eating for five hours is a challenge. That is until he began to explain how the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Technology was discovered and how it allows your body to enter into a beneficial fasting state without triggering the cells’ nutrient sensors

It sounded a bit far-fetched, but I was curious enough to approach their display table and ask them some pretty candid questions. “So, riddle me this,” I stated. “After fasting for five days, would I not be willing to chew off my arm?” “Will I be a slug with no energy the entire time?” “Does the food have any taste to it?” “Can I still have coffee?” “Is this a one-and-done thing?”

The L-Nutra rep patiently answered my questions. “Your food cravings will actually change over the five days, so you will not feel famished at the end of the fifth day, and your energy and cognition will actually increase. The food is a mixture of plant-based bars, soups, snacks, herbal teas, and supplements that are all very flavorful. And, while it’s not recommended, you can have one cup of caffeinated black coffee a day.”  Then he said, “After the first fast, you will want to do one every three months to maintain the benefits.” I decided it was worth trying and placed an order for my first 5-day kit.

Taking the Plunge

A few days later, a ProLon® box showed up at my door. Filled with anticipation, I tucked it under my arm and headed to the kitchen to unveil the contents. The big box contained small boxes numbered 1-5 and a small set of instructions. There were also bonus soups to switch out based on your preferred flavor palette. I looked at my calendar to see when I would start this adventure, setting the course for reversing my aging and getting rid of old, worn-out cells. I determined that starting on a Sunday and ending on a Thursday would be my best bet. I’d be working both of my jobs (serving Sunday brunch as a side gig at my favorite local restaurant and working in the corporate world Mon – Thurs), so I would be too distracted to think about the lack of calories entering my body.

I should disclose that I might have had the upper hand over many people starting on this fast because for the last 10 months, I had been on the Optavia diet plan in a quest to lose the weight I’d gained during the stressful “collaborative” divorce I had just been through. That’s a whole other subject, but definitely the motivation behind wanting to look and feel younger as a newly single woman in her 50s.  

First Day of the Rest of My… Well, You Know

Prolon Day 1

The first day (Transforming to a Fasting State) seemed easy enough. I had my cup of black coffee, unable to give up cold turkey, ate my L-Bar, took my supplements and headed off to the restaurant with the day’s soup and snacks nestled into my apron. I kept a warm tumbler filled with herbal tea, a sports bottle filled with water, and the portioned L-Drink, containing glycerin, close to me for hydration throughout the day.

Not usually a fan of green olives, when I felt a pang of hunger hit me, I tore open the pre-portioned pouch and happily sucked each olive out like a little love bomb of deliciousness. Coupled with the almond kale crackers, I closed my eyes and envisioned I was eating from a charcuterie board. Those snacks filled me until about 2 p.m. when it was time for the soup, which was flavorful and filling. 

I had another packet of olives, supplements, and herbal tea to hold me over until dinner time, where there was another packet of soup and a choco crisp L-bar waiting for me. With the first fasting day behind me, I was feeling pretty accomplished. No headache, no fatigue, and just a faint rumble in my stomach that was quickly quelled with a cup of herbal tea and lemon.

Charging to the Finish Line

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Day two (Fat Burning & Ketogenesis) offered fewer calories, so maintaining hydration with the L-drink and herbal tea was essential. A faint headache threatened to take hold, but I made sure to time the food equally throughout the day to keep it at bay. I walked my dog a few times but generally kept my activity level low to avoid burning excess calories.

Day 3 (Autophagy Clean Up State) and Day 4 (Cellular Rejuvenation) seemed to sail by, and I became less and less conscious of the decreased calories. My coffee craving in the morning was replaced by herbal tea, and I realized I liked the ritual of getting my morning cup of coffee, bringing it back to bed, and slowly starting my morning more than the actual taste or effect of the coffee.

By the last day (Renewal & Change), I was thrilled to see and feel the changes in my body. I was sleeping more soundly, lost the last of my sugar cravings, had energy despite the caloric deficit, and had lost 2.4 pounds. But the benefits didn’t stop there:

  • BMI -.4%
  • Body fat -.6%
  • Fat-Free body weight -1lb
  • Subcutaneous fat -.5lb
  • Visceral fat -1lb
  • Age -1 year

Would I Do It Again?

how to lose 5 lbs fast

Much to my surprise, I immediately wanted to do it again! I went online and bought two more fasts so I could do one a month for the next two months, and I will definitely add ProLon to my long-term health maintenance program by fasting every three months. I’ve joined a ProLon FMD Facebook group and am genuinely excited about my upcoming fasts right before and after the holidays. I’m two weeks past my first fast and have lost another 1.2 pounds, which I directly attribute to recognizing hunger over a craving, being caffeine free, and wanting to maintain the positive effects of the ProLon program. 

*As with any new health journey, consult a medical professional before starting a new weight loss program.

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