What if You Could Reduce Your Biological Age?

Unlike your chronological age, you can effectively reduce your biological age. Rejuvant is leading the way in changing how our bodies age.
Reduce biological age

I attend a monthly book club that keeps my brain moving and my social life somewhat active. The best thing about it is that our attendees are as varied and eclectic as the reading material. We come from all walks of life and span a range of ages and cultural backgrounds most would find rather impressive. Recently, one of the members turned 40 and was talking about the big day during our social time. Another member – who’s over 70, but it’s none of my business just how far – mentioned that her 40s were some of her favorite years. She said when she turned the big 4-0, most of the women around her were dreading it. But she embraced it and had one of her best decades.

That’s how I think most of us feel – like we’re younger than our actual age. Some days I still feel full of youth – footloose and fancy-free – while others, well, not so much. That’s why it’s important to recognize the difference between our actual birthday candles on the cake age (aka, chronological age) and our biological age.

What is Biological Age?

The fact of the matter is that everybody ages differently. While two people can be born on the exact same day, how they feel and how their body is holding up as they get older can be two very different situations. Part of that is based on genetics, and a big factor is based on lifestyle, including fitness level and nutrition. Unlike our chronological age, which is well-defined and documented, our biological age can vary based on a number of factors. It can be higher or lower than our actual age, and even parts of our body can have a different number.

Reducing your Biological Age

Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle

While you can’t change your chronological age, you can actively affect your biological age. For one thing, you can start eating healthier, from a heart-healthy diet to one that will lower your cholesterol or take you out of the diabetes danger zone if you’re there. You can also get more active and start a new exercise or fitness routine. If you’re overweight, try to get down to your recommended weight range. If you’re losing muscle mass, take on a new strength training regimen. And if that sounds too daunting, just get moving. Get more steps in every day, take the stairs, and just move.

Another way to effectively reduce your biological age is to take the scientific approach. To get information on that route, we looked to a company called Rejuvant, which has a product that’s been scientifically proven to reduce biological age by 8 years.

The 411 on Rejuvant

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Rejuvant is the only supplement on the market that’s shown actual results in a clinical study. It was developed using information gleaned from thousands of published papers, years of clinical research, and published results of human trial data.

When the company started, they found that the best answer to turning back the clock is Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) — a substance naturally made by our bodies that helps keep us young. The problem is that our bodies naturally produce high levels of AKG until we turn 40, then the production drops dramatically. This can lead to less energy, lowered strength and endurance, and beginning to look and feel older than we are. With that, they began working on a formulation that could withstand the digestive process and work to lower our biological age. Their result? LifeAKG™ LifeTabs.

Livin la Vida LifeTabs

Rejuvant lifetabs

LifeTabs are the only supplement shown to effectively lower biological age. They do this by using hospital-grade AKG that’s 98% pure and by utilizing a sustained release method throughout the day. You see, that’s where other AKG supplements are missing the mark. Most of them are metabolized within 30 minutes of taking them, which decreases their effectiveness dramatically. Because LifeTabs simulate the body’s natural release of AKG throughout the day, they’re far more effective.

LifeTabs have been shown to be 4x more effective than changing your diet, exercise, and lifestyle. While those are still great changes to make if you’re living an unhealthy life, you can get a much bigger bang for your buck if you also incorporate LifeTabs into your day. That’s because they work to make 5 integral changes to your body, including:

  • Reduce age-related inflammation.
  • Encourage healthy aging by supplying more raw materials your body needs to “clean up” your DNA and restore it to a more youthful state.
  • Supercharge energy production in the cells so that you can move (and even think) faster than you have in years.
  • Extends life by activating a cell repair mode commonly found with fasting so your body invests more time in restoring your skin, joints, nerves, brain, and other vital organs so that they function at a much higher level.
  • Reduce excess ammonia associated with higher protein intake so that these organs become more efficient and work better.


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If you want to have more energy, less inflammation, faster thinking, and feel younger in general, check out Rejuvant. They work to not only give you more years – but better years – and have been shown to give their clients a 12% increase in lifespan, a 41% increase in health span, and a 46% decrease in frailty after only 7 months of use. They also have specialized formulas for men and women because their research showed gender-specific responses to ingredient synergies. If it sounds too good to be true, check out their website. You’ll find more information and verified testimonials to back it up. Use code PRIME to get 10% off your purchase!

Imagine having better, happier years ahead of you.