6 Ways to Jump-Start Your Health

Feeling tired, sluggish, or just run-down? It may be time for a change. Jump-start your health with these 6 expert tips.
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Don’t wait until the new year to start working on You! Any time is a good time to take care of yourself.

It may be time to reflect on your recent past to see what needs improvement. If you had to review your overall health, how would it rank? Good, inadequate, or non-existent? It’s hard to assess the past, but doing so will help you plan for your future. Whatever your answer, don’t worry. The possibilities and options are endless in terms of ways to improve ourselves. Each day is a new day that we have complete control over. If that isn’t motivation, I don’t know what is!

Jump-Start Your Health Now!

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If your focus is getting healthy, then congrats! What a positive way to take charge of yourself and your life to ensure you live your best life. Sometimes, finding the way to make the first step toward your goal is the hardest. So here are six ways to jumpstart your health right now.

1. Understand Your Limits

Trust me, I relate to this. I want to be able to get out each morning and run at least 2 miles. But my reality makes this unrealistic. Does that make me a failure in reaching my health goal? No, it helps me because it makes me set a realistic approach to my healthy lifestyle. Since I know there is no way I can commit to running 2 miles every morning, I can scale it back to be able to walk around the block several times instead. Start small and work your way up.

2. Clear Out The Pantry 

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Yep, get rid of the junk. Donate or give the items to friends, family members, or a local food pantry. They could always use it. Get rid of food items in your home that will be counter-productive to the healthy lifestyle you want to live. While you may have the willpower not to indulge and eat those items, why even tempt yourself?  Make it easy on yourself from the beginning, and give junk food a boot!

3. Celebrate Every Win

Yes, every mini-win matters. Did you say no to that extra piece of chocolate? Celebrate. Did you stop stressing over something to improve your mental health? Give yourself a high-five. Did you run an additional 5 minutes on the treadmill?  Shout it from the rooftops. Celebrate yourself whenever you do something well. If it were easy to be healthy, we wouldn’t live in a world full of people with weight issues or be around people who cannot find ways to de-stress.

4. Reward Yourself 

When you’re working on something big, it’s easy to get discouraged. But if you’re like me, you need a little reward or recognition for hitting that goal! Set your goal and plan what you need to do to achieve it. Then, when you get there, buy yourself something nice.

It could be anything—a new purse, outfit, or shoes you’ve been eyeing—whatever makes sense for your goals and financial situation. You deserve it!

5. Pick A Partner

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Do you have a friend, neighbor, or family member who wants to get a jump-start on their health too?  Awesome.  Be each other’s accountability partners! You don’t have to work out together, but be a voice that helps each other stay on track.  If you don’t feel motivated to stay on track for the day—pick up the phone and call your partner. Let them help you find that motivation.

6. Give Yourself A Break

I also know that it’s easy to get bogged down in the grind of everyday life and lose sight of what’s important. But when this happens, and it will, don’t give up, and certainly don’t punish yourself. I have never counted calories in my life—and I’m 62. For the past week, I finally decided to do so. Well, I’ve already messed up, but I will keep going with it until I get back into my old size!

So, don’t wait for the new year to roll around before starting a healthy lifestyle—any time is an excellent time to feel better and more balanced! Whether it be physical health, mental health, emotional health, or helping to maintain or lose weight, these six tips can help jump-start your journey to accomplishing all those goals.  Just remember that, as with any journey, there may be times much more challenging than others.  Your day-to-day life may throw a few curveballs along the way, and that’s okay.  Be prepared to step back from the “plate” and refocus. In life, you don’t lose – you learn. Make it your best life by starting now by getting a jump-start on your health!

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