Prolon Fast

The whole idea around ‘fasting with food’ is such a novel idea that I sensed they had hit upon something that would be a game-changer in the weight loss world.

We’ve heard from numerous women who’ve tried at least one 5 days Prolon fast. Here is a recap of what real women had to say about their experience and their results.

Cindy J.  69   LOST 5 LBS

“I did not find the 5-day Prolon fast difficult at all. The soups weren’t bad and I actually really enjoyed the tomato soup.”

Heather M.   41   LOST 8 LBS

“Thank you so much for posting this article about the Prolon 5-day fast! I was about to do one of my Ketone fasts, which is basically just drinking ketones for 3 days and sucks, but then I saw this and thought I would give it a try.”

Stephanie W.   56     LOST 6 LBS

“I have learned that I can live on less food and not snack. I didn’t really crave anything, but I will say I was hungry most of the time.”

Peggy J.   68    LOST 5 LBS

“Prolon fast sounded perfect. I really liked having the food ready with a box for each day that told me exactly what to eat.”

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