Thin  Lips

Problem/ Solution

Problem/ Solution

Thin  Lips

Thin Lips

It’s true what they say: Lips don’t lie. Fine lines around your kisser and loss of fullness are some of the earliest signs of aging — not to mention age-related discoloration and dryness.

The Problem

Loss of volume, lines around the mouth, and dryness are common as we get older. The reason? As time passes, lips lose collagen, elastin fibers, and naturally occurring hyaluronic acid

Dr. Laurence Glickman, a board-certified plastic surgeon

Bad habits, like smoking (the biggie), sun exposure, and overuse of straws can make matters worse.

Solution #1: Topicals

Looking for a subtle, low-maintenance fix? Experts suggest starting with a good retinoid cream, antioxidant serum, and, of course, daily SPF.

PCA Skin’s R-OH Intensive Age Refining Treatment

This topical’s gentler 0.5 percent stabilized retinol plus niacinamide helps minimize fine lines and age-related skin yellowing and redness.

Replenix Restorative Nighttime Bio-Therapy

Dermelect Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral Anti-Aging Treatment

Replenix Plumping Lip Treatment

Botox can minimize creases in the upper and lower lip area, lift the corners of the mouth, and enhance the upper lip (aka the Botox lip flip).

Today’s hyaluronic acid injectables are safe and long lasting. Sold under leading brands Juvederm and Restylane, they fluff your pucker for six months or more.

According to Dr. Perkins, Laser  can be helpful in reducing the lines around the mouth. He uses nonablative, fractionated lasers that can induce collagen remodeling.

Dr. Perkins

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