Fight Chest Wrinkles

No time in your busy schedule for the downtime and maintenance associated with injectables and skin peels? If so, then the SiO silicone smoothing patches might be perfect for you!

SiO patches are a brand of second-skin patches in different shapes that you can adhere to certain parts of your face, neck, and chest to smooth out wrinkles and soften skin.

How Do They Work?

When we pop these puppies on, the patches protect and block off that area of skin, similar to how a bandage protects a wound, and it creates what doctors call occlusion.

My Experience…

The directions are clear, straightforward, and even have an illustration, so you are not flying blind…

When applying the SiO patches, you don’t want to have any lotions, serums, medicines, or creams underneath.

Prepping for Application

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