7 Long-Distance Date Ideas to Spice Up the Romance

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Ah, love is grand, except when you’re not in the same city, so you can’t see each other to hug on demand and must resort to long-distance late nights. But don’t fret. Those can still be all kinds of fun, too. Being together doesn’t always have to mean physically together. Heck, I know some married couples who kinda’ prefer that, but I digress. Let’s say you actually *like the person you’re dating and want to have some fun, even while you’re apart. We have some long-distance date night suggestions that’ll make you feel connected, almost like you’re sharing the evening in person.

First, let’s set some ground rules. Regular ole’ unscheduled phone calls don’t count. A good date means putting in a little effort, and that applies in-person or long-distance, so show your honey the consideration of planning ahead. Schedule the fun, be fully present, and your bond will grow. We’re here to help with the scheduling part. It’s on you to make the rest of the magic happen.

7 Long-Distance Date Night Ideas to Spice Things Up

1. Share a virtual meal

Virtual meal

This may sound obvious since it’s a given with couples IRL, but there’s no reason you can’t also share a meal together virtually. Set the mood with candles (maybe even have some delivered to your honey via Amazon in advance), get dressed up, and order from one of your favorite restaurants. If it’s a chain, they can have the same delivered to their home, and you can eat it together. Get the same kind of wine in advance, and you can even “cheers” each other online via FaceTime or Zoom.

2. Take a Stroll

strolling on a virtual date

If you’d prefer to get outdoors for your date, by all means, go. Set a time to call, slip on your walking shoes, and grab your earbuds. You can walk together – while apart – and talk about the things you see along your journey. The conversation can go deep if you prefer since those talks can sometimes flow more easily when it’s not all about having “the talk,” but you can also keep it light if that’s the mood you’re feeling. Stop to smell the roses, literally, and share all the senses you’re soaking up while on the walk. You don’t have to have a destination in mind unless you’d like to go somewhere that makes you sentimental, in which case you can talk about the fun you shared at that place and make plans to go again the next time you’re together IRL.

3. Share Your Favorite Show

Virtual movie night long dstance date

This one could be a little tricky, especially if one of you is a “don’t talk while the show is on” kind of viewer, but if you both eagerly await the next episode of “Amazing Race” or enjoy predicting who will be voted out of the next “Survivor,” why not set that weekly show up as date night together? Again, you can call each other via Facetime or Zoom and watch together.

Or, if it’s not a live show and something you’re watching on-demand, now technology has set it up where you can share your screen and truly be watching together, along with adding the fun feedback as you view. Those options are endless, from Netflix’s Teleparty Chrome extension to the Hulu Watch Party, to the Disney+ GroupWatch. There’s even Scener, which is less streaming-specific. It supports several sites, including HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Shudder, Hulu, YouTube, Funimation, Disney+, and Vimeo.

4. Take a Tour Together

Virtual tour

You don’t even have to leave the house for tours these days, with virtual tours of attractions becoming more and more popular by the minute. Simply sign up for the tour, or log into one, and share your screen during your date. You can go behind the scenes at museums around the country or get up close and personal with animals at zoos worldwide.

5. Plan a Dream Trip

Planning a trip

You won’t be apart forever, so why not plan a dream trip together for when you do see each other again? Part of the fun while you wait will be researching where to stay, what to do, and dreaming of all the adventures you’ll have discovering this new place as a couple. Maybe one of you loves finding great deals, and the other is an expert at digging up once-in-a-lifetime excursions. You both get to use your special skills to create an experience you’ll never forget and can stretch out the fun in virtual planning dates while you wait to go.

6. Get Physical

Virtual workout

Well, not that kind of physical – not yet. I mean, schedule a workout together. There are all kinds of fitness videos available online now, and you can decide to try one together at the same time. Just Zoom or Facetime before the workout is set to start, or pick one based on your schedule that you can do on-demand and get ready to sweat. There’s yoga, Zumba (don’t laugh at the notion–the dancing may end up hysterical for your left-footed friends, and then there will be loads of laughing), Pilates, and so much more. Find one you consider fun, so you’ll keep it up for the long haul.

7. Get Physical (the other way)

date night getting physical

Yeah, we’re going there. Once you’ve worked up a sweat, there’s no reason you can’t set the phone on the bathroom counter while you soak in a bath or put it on speaker while you shower together, virtually. And after you’re all clean, it’s up to you to decide how dirty to get later, if you know what I mean. One word of caution here: Be sure the person you’re ‘with’ is trustworthy so you don’t become the victim of one of those sextortion schemes we’ve all heard about. Always better to err on the side of caution in this case. Just tell ’em you’re saving the spicy stuff for the real thing.

The bottom line: being long-distance doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. You can keep that loving feeling growing, no matter how many miles separate you. And remember what they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Maybe these suggestions will help you get a little fonder with a little more fun.

Get Prepared for Your Long-Distance Date

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