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7 Reasons You Gain More Happiness from Experiences than Things

I’ve been on the path of art and oil painting for seven years. When people ask, “Why do I do it?” or “Why would you get another degree?” I r... Read More
increase happiness

10 Easy Ways to Increase Happiness that Don’t Cost a Dime

Feeling better, happier, and more productive doesn't need to be complicated. Sometimes it is the simple things that make the biggest difference. Try t... Read More

Is DHEA the New Wonder Drug for Health?

There has been lots of press about DHEA recently. Some women swear by it and others say it’s all just hype. So I thought I’d share my experience a... Read More
restorative yoga feature

The Difference in Yoga Instructors and Practice: Part V

Terry Michael is sharing the difference in yoga instructors and practice to help our readers interested in finding a yoga “home” where they feel c... Read More
are bath bombs safe

Are Bath Bombs Safe? Find Out Before Taking the Plunge

You would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy a hot bath every now and then to relax and unwind. If you aren't using bath bombs, chances are your ... Read More
yoga helps depression

Studies Find that Yoga Helps Depression: Say Om

Women are affected by depression nearly two times more than men. The increased influence of fluctuating hormones, economic status or situational reaso... Read More
guilt feelings

4 Reasons Why We Feel Guilty and How to Stop Those Guilt Feelings

We have all done things that are harmful or hurtful to others. But how we respond emotionally to our misdeeds varies greatly from person to person. On... Read More
Medical Tests for Women Over 50

12 Medical Tests for Women Over 50

Ladies, when it comes to your well-being, be proactive! Eat right, stay active, avoid tobacco and have the following medical tests for women over 50 ... Read More
hormone imbalance

Hormone Imbalance: The Causes and How to Manage Them

Quite often when we think about hormone imbalance in menopause we think about low estrogen and other female hormone imbalances. I’ve seen thousands ... Read More
harmful cleaning products

How to Avoid Harmful Cleaning Products

Other than running down the grocery aisle and tossing some cleaning products into a cart, most people don't spend much time considering cleaning produ... Read More
Yoga Poses

Yoga for Brain Health: Could Yoga Poses Now Prevent Dementia Later?

Yoga pants fan or not, you might want to reconsider adding some yoga poses to your schedule if you’re not on the mat yet. Recently older adults are ... Read More

Why Guilt Lingers and What to Do About It: Self-Forgiveness

Almost all of us have experienced that knot in the stomach, those pangs of guilt, or brooding anxiety that comes from doing something we don’t think... Read More

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