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Klimt painter
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My Love Affair with Klimt’s Works of Art

For most women, of any age, the month of June brings to mind images of elegant wedding gowns, brilliant blooms of flowers, and all the delights of love and romance. When I think of love and romance, there is one painting that can ultimately transport me to thoughts of passion,… Read More
  • Marion Cohen |
  • June 8, 2020
After using courage to fight cancer....celebration comes next.

Cancer, Courage and soon, Celebration

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month Ever since 1985, the month of October has been designated as National Breast Cancer Awareness (NBCAM) month. So many women are intimately aware of this widespread disease that intrudes on their lives in such a devastating manner. Although much has been accomplished to encourage early… Read More
  • Marion Cohen |
  • October 1, 2019
Gender Wage Gap
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8 Tips on Closing the Gender Wage Gap

In the decade of the 1970’s, I graduated from college with a degree in mathematics and certification to teach that subject. Upon graduation, I could not find a teaching position, although many of my fellow male math majors seemed to easily secure positions in a number of secondary schools that… Read More
  • Marion Cohen |
  • April 2, 2019

About Marion Cohen

Marion Cohen

Marion Cohen was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She earned a BA in mathematics from Kean University and an M. Ed. from Rutgers University. She enjoyed a gratifying career as a mathematics teacher for 36 years, at the secondary level and at a community college. Her first novel, What the Heart Murmurs was published in 2015. Two of her essays appear in the coloring book journal, C is for Courage by Chloé McFeters. Her essay, Into the Box, received Honorable Mention in the Tortoise & Finch Writing Contest, “On Courage”. Recently she published her second novel, The Life That Sits Beside You, a novel about friendship, family devotion and romantic love as five characters seek different paths to personal fulfillment amidst the backdrop of the changing times for women. Besides her writings, Ms. Cohen turned her attention to pursuing other creative endeavors upon retirement. In her studio, using her collection of antique buttons as embellishments, she designed and sold jewelry, frames, mirrors and greeting cards, all showcasing her colorful, unique buttons. She currently resides in Cherry Hill, NJ. Contact her at [email protected].