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alcohol and aging

Alcohol and Aging: Ladies, Your Vintage is Showing

A version of this story first appeared on mylittlebird.com. You're not imagining it. The effects of light drinking — one mojito, one beer, one glass of wine—intensify with age as muscle mass is replaced by fat tissue. The rule is the higher the ratio of body fat, the lower the tolerance… Read More
  • Mary Carpenter |
  • July 25, 2019
Weight Gain from Tropical fresh fruits and vegetables organic for healthy lifestyle, Arrangement different vegetables organic for eating healthy and dieting

Dirty Dozen: A Surprising Source of Weight Gain

We’ve all heard the health arguments for eating organic foods. Well, here’s a health concern that may grab your immediate attention: The pesticides and fungicides, and even synthetic fertilizer, used on commercial crops contain chemicals that encourage weight gain and make it harder to take those pounds off. Ditto the… Read More
  • Mary Carpenter |
  • September 18, 2018
cataract surgery

On the Fence About Cataract Surgery? Read This.

A version of this story first appeared on mylittlebird.com. Anyone on the fence about having cataract surgery has good reasons to delay—mainly the general advice given about elective surgeries: Wait until the issue interferes with your life, specifically with an activity you enjoy. For example, early cataracts can make it difficult for… Read More
  • Mary Carpenter |
  • January 24, 2018

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Mary Carpenter

Mary Carpenter is a freelance writer based in Washington DC, where she works as health and culture editor for the website mylittlebird.com and leads creative writing workshops for psychoanalysts, prisoners and others. For more than 30 years, she has reported on health and medicine for TIME magazine, The International Herald Tribune and elsewhere. Her essays have been published in The Washington Post and literary journals; her essay in Gargoyle was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. She has worked on health-related government contracts and published two middle-grade books. Her two sons are in their 20s, and she has two cats.