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best face exfoliator for mature skin
Skin Care & Make-Up

Why Exfoliating Is One Of The Best Ways To Tackle Aging Skin

Our skin sheds cells like mad, but sadly, they don’t just dissipate into the ether. Instead, they cling to healthy skin, dulling our complexion, clogging our pores, and highlighting lines and wrinkles. The best defense? Exfoliation. But what is the best face exfoliator for mature skin? Regular exfoliation helps prevent… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • October 8, 2020
LED light therapy
Beauty & Fashion

Does LED Light Therapy Reverse The Signs Of Aging?

Sponsored Post When I turned 27, the mirror revealed two things I had not noticed previously: a few gray hairs and the beginnings of hyperpigmentation on my forehead. Cut to nearly two decades later and the mirror’s reflection only betrays more of each plus other facial infractions (crow’s feet, mild… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • September 20, 2020

The Best Conditioners For Gray Hair

When you have gray hair, good conditioners act as a best friend. They work to smooth the rough patches and even add some color when you call on them. Here, we break down some of the best conditioners for gray hair, so you can find the best formula for your… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • August 13, 2020
What Are The Best Fillers For The Face? | PrimeWomen.com
Anti Aging

What Are The Best Fillers For The Face?

Remember the baby fat of your youth? Those round cheeks that you perhaps lamented at the time? You may have noticed that baby fat is long gone—and you’re not alone. “As we age, we lose bone, fat and elasticity in the face and the skin, which contributes to topographical changes… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • July 27, 2020
beautiful woman with gray hair wearing a white shirt

Give Yourself a Gray Hair Makeover

As your hair’s pigment seemingly evaporates into thin air, you might notice that your favorite makeup and clothing colors no longer look as good on you as they once did. That’s because gray hair, whether salt and pepper, silver, or pure white, tends to have a cooler undertone, which changes… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • June 19, 2020
where to buy the best workout clothes

Where to Buy the Best Workout Clothes

Are you itching to move, but realizing your same old sweatpants and T-shirt won’t cut it? Wearing the right workout clothes—ones that function (a proper, comfortable fit plus breathable fabric) but also are fashionable—certainly helps to keep you motivated as you sweat. But with so many choices, where is the… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • June 3, 2020
hair loss - dark haired woman

Is It Normal… For Hair to Fall Out as You Age?

Anyone who’s pulled a hair “creature” from their shower drain or the bristles of their brush knows that stomach-wrenching feeling of, “I’m going bald!” But before you sound the alarm on hair loss, Anabel Kingsley, director of communications and trichologist at Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic in New York, wants to… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • May 26, 2020
bold lip - makeup routine
Skin Care & Make-Up

Don’t Give Up Your Makeup Routine Just Yet

Stuck inside and feeling like makeup is the absolute last thought on your mind? Perfectly understandable, but before you throw in the towel when it comes to your makeup routine, a few professionals share why a few cosmetics can go a long way in these trying times. After all, “wearing… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • May 21, 2020
gorgeous gray hair woman

5 Ways to Go Gray — and Not Go Crazy

One gray hair can turn into a legion seemingly overnight, and though embracing the gray can be empowering, the process of getting to that mindset can be a tough one. Even tougher: ditching the dye and growing in your natural color. There is no "best" way to go gray —… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • May 12, 2020
turkey wattle droopy neck - women over 50
Anti Aging

Problem/Solution: Turkey Wattle

You’ve religiously applied lotion to your neck since the Reagan era. Then why the turkey wattle? Because neck skin shows age more quickly. As author Nora Ephron wrote: "Our faces are lies and our necks are the truth." The Problem: Turkey Wattle Neck The problem can be summed up in one… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • May 5, 2020
beautiful woman over 50
Skin Care & Make-Up

Skin Care Breakthroughs We’re Excited About

In the world of skin care, efficacy reigns supreme: Does the product deliver demonstrable results in a reasonable amount of time? Does the treatment require too much investment — in money, in time, in possible pain? It’s a field rich in research because we’re all chasing that magic elixir to… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • April 10, 2020
how to get started with exercise at 45

How to Get Started With Exercise at 45

Even if at age 45 you’ve never laid eyes on a kettlebell, trainer Julie Diamond swears it's not too late to start exercising. “The key is to start small and work your way up,” she says. And why is 45 just as good a time to start as any? First… Read More
  • Karie Lynn Frost |
  • March 3, 2020

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