What Does Gaslighting In Relationships Actually Look Like?

Gaslighting is a trending word of late. But what does it look like in a relationship? Here are 6 signs your relationship isn't as healthy as it could be.

Learning to recognize the signs of gaslighting and false guilt can help you stay in control and quickly and safely exit a toxic relationship.

Gaslighting in relationships is a devious power play where one person uses lies and deceit to undermine the other and shift the power dynamic.

What Is gaslighting in relationships?

When your partner openly denies things that are right in front of you, this is a huge red flag of gaslighting.

They Make You Question Your Reality

Gaslighters use lies to manipulate and control their partners. These lies often cause you to question further your recollection of events and things that were said.

Persistent Lies

When you react to your partner’s behavior or lies, they will immediately flip the script, shifting the blame to you.

They Constantly Shift The Blame To You

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