Over the last few years, my business has been helping a lot of people who are coming up to ‘retirement’ – I use the word retirement cautiously because the last thing they actually want to do is retire.

This is a summary of the stages that most people seem to go through when leaving a full-time career and planning for their second act, unretirement, or ‘encore career.

The 10 Phases You May Experience When Exploring an Encore Career

Uncertainty – the terror of “365 days of golf” or nothing.

One woman told me, “It’s the terror of 365 days – how do you fill them? I want to learn golf, go walking, and keep fit, but what do you do for the rest of the time?”

I want to be a Non-Executive Director, but it’s harder than I thought.

Of the dozens of people I have helped, nearly all of them had a vague idea of building a portfolio of paid non-executive director positions somewhere in their minds.

They are initially enthusiastic about finding a non-executive director role, but as weeks and months pass without success, they realize how difficult it is. And they have no backup plan.

Is this it? Depression and loneliness.

Depression is an almost inevitable part of this change process. For some, it will be minimal; for others a major issue and last some time.

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