This Nail Salon Tool May Cause UV Light Damage

A new study shows that gel manicures may cause UV light damage. Here's everything you need to know about the risks involved.

Have you ever gotten a gel manicure? If so, buckle up because this information may make you reconsider your choices at your next nail appointment.

– Skin damage – Aging – Increased risk of skin cancer

Why is this bad? Because UVA light penetrates the skin more deeply and has been linked to issues such as:

Doctors refer to the UV nail lamps used to dry your nails as miniature tanning beds, meaning that they pose the same risks as tanning beds.

The Dangers of UV Light Exposure

They found that 20 minutes of exposure led to 20 to 30% of cells dying, while three consecutive 20-minute exposures resulted in a whopping 65 to 70% of cells dying.

UV Lamps Cause Cell Damage

The remaining cells experienced DNA and mitochondrial damage, resulting in mutations similar to those observed in human skin cancer.

One way to reduce the risk of damage to your hands is to apply broad-spectrum sunblock with zinc and titanium around your nails.

How to Reduce Your Risk of UV Light Damage

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