How to Survive a Heart Attack When You Are Alone

Heart attacks can happen at any time, and more seniors than ever are spending their golden years living independently.

According to the National Council on Aging, women are nearly twice as likely to live alone as men, which leaves women especially vulnerable to being alone when experiencing a heart attack.

Knowing the steps to take when a heart attack strikes greatly increases the chances of surviving and thriving afterward.

Triggers and Timing

Large or extravagant meals can make blood more likely to clot, and intense emotions, either good or bad, can place this vital organ under intense stress.

Heart attacks are also reported as spiking in the early morning hours, particularly between 6 am and noon.

You may experience:

– Chest pain or pressure. – Pain in either or both arms, or in the upper back, neck, jaw, or stomach. – Shortness of breath.

Steps to surviving a heart attack

– Stop what you’re doing – Call 9-1-1 – Contact someone you trust – Take an aspirin

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