How to Have a sensual sexual experience

You just may find you’re connecting on a much deeper level, and who doesn’t want more pleasure, which may ultimately lead to more intimacy? Are you in? Keep reading.

Sensual sex is also known as sensory sex. It’s the act of incorporating all five senses into your lovemaking.


When it comes to love languages, many of us prefer physical touch. Touch gives us a sense of being cared for and loved, as emotional benefits.


There’s music from different times in your life that will trigger memories and take you right back to those days, which can also help set the mood.

You don’t have to be swinging around a pole to get his attention; you could be rubbing lotion on your legs. Just give him an eyeful.



Certain scents can take you back to a very precise time and place. They can trigger memories of favorite experiences and change a mood instantly.

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