How to Achieve Vibrant Living

Every day brings opportunities to enhance our lives, at least up to a point, or so the story goes for many people that I, and probably you, know.

My architecture practice, however, has shown me a different kind of story, one that often emerges when people start thinking about life after retirement.

Thanks to my clients, I developed a design not only for their homes but also for my own life. So, my 12 Rules that I’ll share with you are as follows:

The popular open floor plan will make life easier and possibly enable you to stay in your home for more years than you thought possible.

Create a “lifelong home.”

Choose designs and materials now that will also attractively and invisibly accommodate your future needs.

Thou shalt not sacrifice aesthetics for function.

Joining a new community in a residential center; for others, it’s remaining a part of their longtime community.

Embrace your community.

Keep doing what gives you joy.

Even if you are downsizing your accommodations, you can still live expansively because we all continue to grow and evolve every day of our lives.

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