Getting Your Priorities Straight

One fun fact: if you plan to live to 120, you do not have to be middle-aged until you are 60. Even so, most of us have entered or are getting close to the second half of our lives.

With more time behind us than in front of us, prioritization is becoming more important, and what is important changes through the cycles of our lives.

Life Stages

In my twenties, I took a year off from studies and work to stay home and look after my two sons, an infant, and a toddler.

Children were the priority then, but closely behind being a good mother came being a good housewife. At home with the kids all day, I filled my time with housework.

This phase in my life was gratifying because I was able to let go of some of the everyday tasks that had taken up all of my time.

On to the Next Phase

What used to take all week could be done in a few hours, and my house would still be clean and safe enough for my family and presentable enough for my friends.

Prioritization at work also changes over time. In younger adulthood, such priorities are primary. There are careers, reputations, and an income base to establish.

Changing Priorities

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