Get Prepared to Deal with Alzheimer's Disease

We’re learning that the confusion, sadness, and anger that characterize Alzheimer’s disease aren’t experienced only by the patient.

We're left seeking new ways to interact and trying to find the right balance among honoring and respecting our loved ones as adults while also doing everything we can to meet their needs.

What I’ve learned about loving someone with Alzheimer’s disease

1. Be prepared

Estimates are that half of adults 85 and over have Alzheimer’s disease, so be prepared. Know the warning signs of the disease.

2. Seek the advice of a medical professional early

This might be a gerontologist, neurologist, psychologist, or psychiatrist.

3. Accept help from others

Even if that’s not an option, don’t say no to the help that is offered. Be as kind to yourself as you want to be to the person you love.

4. Remember the good times

Refresh yourself with photos, videos, letters, or other reminders of your beloved when he or she was graceful, robust, clever, handsome, or beautiful.

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