Get a Tan Quick with Melanotan

Melanotan (muh-LAN-oh-TAN) is a synthetic chemical that works like a hormone in your body to essentially produce melanin, or a black-brown pigment, in the skin.

According to the companies that sell the product, it allows you to tan much faster without spending hours in the sun, which can have negative effects on your skin and long-term health.

So, to summarize, this Melanotan substance is introduced into your system–through a shot or a nasal spray–and you’re promised to be a golden goddess.

The Drawbacks

It can pose some serious health risks, including vomiting and skin changes that could lead to melanoma, along with kidney disease, among other things.

A quick google search turns up a few companies offering to ship it into the country, for a fee, with other sellers on eBay and Etsy also pitching products.

If banned, how’s it even available?

When you find the sites that sell the products, the reviews range from people who rave about the tans they got in no time to those who say they got no tan at all.

The Reviews

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