Best Support Shoes

Finding a great pair of shoes that are not only comfortable but also stylish can be a bit tricky. Sure, there are many comfy options, but they typically come at the expense of looking good.

Knowing the importance of a great pair of shoes, the design team of FitVille has worked to find a style and design that will work for anyone – especially mature women.

If you have to stand for long periods of time or find yourself getting in a lot of steps each day, this will be the perfect pair of shoes for you.

1. FitVille Rebound Core Wide Walking Shoes

2. FitVille Stride Core Wide Running Shoes

FitVille Stride Core excels in shock absorption to provide maximum comfort and has a light, breathable knit upper to give maximum breathability.

Designed for professional and casual tennis players, the FitVille Amadeus features a torsion-resistant and enhanced non-slip design.

3. FitVille Amadeus Wide Tennis & Pickleball Court Shoes

4. FitVille Fresh Core Wide Running Shoes

A cushioned midsole, softly padded tongue, and breathable, flexible knit upper protect your foot while providing a comfortable and perfect fit.

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