Aging Alone

I’m constantly checking that my partner is still breathing—which annoys the hell out of him as you can probably imagine.

We got together at 50 and 64, respectively, and the last, almost seven years have been an eye opener to me just how happy I can be with another person.

On the downside of course, it also lures my mind into incoherent terror of losing the partner I do just about everything with.

The truth about aging alone is that I have not the remotest idea what I would do without him.

My boys in comparison were calm, accepting and warm towards their mother. Somehow I told myself it would ever be thus.

A Mother of Boys

There’s even a name for the future I most fear. I am in danger of finding myself as an elderly orphan—either without kids, or without them.

Elderly Orphans

I need to stay in touch with my girlfriends and give generous gifts to nieces and nephews so that if I ever find myself alone and in need, there will be people who care.

Que Sera, Sera

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