3 Things You Can Do Today to Stabilize and Grow Your Career

Are you at a point in your life where your professional life has gone stagnant? Here are three steps to help grow your career today!

The trick is to continue doing these three things for the rest of your working life.

Friends help friends and often go out of their way to support each other. It’s the rare bird that hires, promotes, or applauds someone they don’t know or like.

Make friends.

Your to-do: make friends with the people at work. Add unconventional friends…those in different departments, age groups, and interests.

The important career growth thought: keep all of your work friends, best friends, and supporters close and informed about your achievements and career moves.

Keep Friends.

They are likely the source of your next job opportunity, referral, or reference.

Perform every day; your work friends want to count on you as a great work partner.

Perform every day.

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