Winter Workout Routine

There are lots of ways you can make adjustments that will allow you to stay fit, even when it’s freezing.

For those of you who haven’t developed a routine, we invite you to join us in this winter landscape of new opportunities that will keep you from the hibernation blues.

Try something new.

Think about really stepping out of your comfort zone with Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, or a dance class.

Take a stroll.

If you usually walk outdoors, but can’t stand the chill, move it inside. Visit a museum or go cruising through the local mall.

If you’re going to brave the great outdoors, go with the proper clothing. Wear layers of breathable apparel so you can adjust as you warm up.

Dress for it.

Go for a swim.

Many area health clubs and even senior centers offer indoor water classes and open swim times.

Pedal away the pounds.

Every gym has a spin class these days, too, and the in-person experience might be just the motivation you need to push yourself a little bit.

Make your home your workout.

Try some calf raises while you brush your teeth. Get in and out of a chair without using your arms to push yourself up.

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