Will A Daith Piercing Help You?

A Daith piercing is a piercing in the small fold of cartilage known as the helix, positioned just over the ear canal.

Proponents of Daith piercing claim that piercing the ear through that precise spot can help permanently alleviate the intense pain of migraines.

Headaches are not the only symptom of a migraine. Along with the intense pain, migraines can induce mood swings, digestive upset, and sensitivity to lights, sounds, and smells.


The Piercing

The flap of cartilage that is punctured for a Daith piercing is awkwardly placed. The procedure uses a curved needle and is typically done by hand rather than using an air gun.

But Does it Work?

Most of the scientific evidence has indicated that this method does not appreciably decrease pain.

This is not an approved treatment for migraine, and it is not covered by health insurance.

In Short

The idea that Daith piercings can lessen migraines is based on the theory that piercing the vagus nerve will result in a long-lasting decrease in migraine symptoms.

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