Ways to Improve Your Life with Palliative Care

Palliative care seeks to address all of these concerns, helping patients and their families navigate illness with dignity and holistic care.

The overarching goal is to enhance the patient’s current care by focusing on the quality of life for them and their family.

How palliative care services can improve a patient’s – and family’s – quality of life.

Reduces unnecessary hospital admissions

Early delivery of palliative care is shown to reduce unnecessary hospital admissions.

Offers pain relief and symptom management.

– Nausea – Shortness of breath – Loss of appetite – Anxiety – Depression

Specializes in personalized care.

They get to know the patient and family, from the time symptoms affect their quality of life, to various treatments and stages of pain management.

Addresses patient and caregiver emotional and spiritual concerns.

A palliative care team will act as a support system and help patients live as actively as possible until death.

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