Tips to Get Your Brain to Say No to Holiday Sweets

Sugar is all around us. We want to fit in and celebrate with our family, friends, and co-workers, yet we know that an overabundance of sweets has its repercussions.

Use these strategies to help your brain say no to holiday cookies and sweets and make this your most enjoyable holiday season ever.

If your stomach was as hard as a rock, you most likely got sick and wanted to eat a nice meal but were too stuffed to enjoy it.

Think About The Side Effects

If you treat yourself to dessert occasionally, say once a week, continue to do that around the holidays.

Remind Yourself That Weight Management is All Year Round

Moderation is a Lifestyle

Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that one sweet will ruin our diet. One cookie, one time, won’t ruin it. The repetition does.

Exercise is a mood enhancer, depression buster, and excess weight eliminator.

Stick With Your Exercise Routine

Eat Regular Meals and Regular Meal Times

Skipping meals leads to overeating the wrong foods for a quick energy fix.

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