The Top Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon water is a tasty, calorie-free, and easy way to drink more water during the day. Plus, the health benefits are numerous, providing even more reasons to keep your daily water intake.

If you are wondering what all the hype is about, keep reading. We’re going to walk through all of the benefits of drinking this simple concoction.

The lemon makes it taste a bit fresher and can give a more satisfying feeling, which goes a long way in helping motivate you to drink more water.

It Helps You Stay Hydrated

Lemon water doesn’t have any added sugar, chemicals, or fat, which makes it a great drink to consume on a daily basis.

It Tastes Great… And Is Free Of Calories

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the acid found in lemon water can help you properly digest your foods.

It Can Aid In Digestion

Even though citric acid is an acid, it actually makes your urine less acidic and can even help break up small stones.

It Can Prevent Kidney Stones

Drinking a large glass of lemon water before you eat your meal could lead to you eating less overall to feel full.

It Promotes Weight Loss

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