The Meaning of Friendship: Small Circle, Big Support

Friendships are essential throughout our entire life, but how do they change and evolve as we get older? Let's look at the different types of friends we have and the benefits of each.

According to Merriam-Webster, friendship is the “state of being friends.”

What is Friendship?

The Meaning of Friendship Changes Throughout Our Life Span

During this time, we call almost everyone we know friends, and each friend consists of doing certain things.

Our 20s

Some may get married and have children, with friends being other married couples or other mothers.

Our 30s

We connect even more with the few true girlfriends that we have, spending our time and energy on them, while other people we see occasionally or maybe not at all anymore.

Our 40s

Time is precious as we get older, so we do not want to waste our energies on things that truly do not matter.

As We Age, Our Circle of Friends Gets Smaller

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