The Emerging Trend of Permanent Earrings

Earrings, in particular, have been worn for a number of purposes—to signify ownership or social standing, as talismans to protect from evil, and simply as decorative accessories.

Videos featuring permanent jewelry are trending on TikTok, indicating that it is especially popular with younger generations.

Piercing the ear for permanent earrings is very similar to piercing for removable earrings, both in pain level and healing time.

Permanent Earrings

Changing it earlier can lead to complications, including infection or harming the piercing.

Semi-Permanent Earrings

– Wash and disinfect the site two to three times per day. – Wash your hands before touching the earring, piercing, or surrounding areas.

Keeping your Piercing Clean

Individuals who are genetically predisposed to scarring should avoid cartilage piercings.


Permanent and cartilage piercings come with the same complications, though cartilage piercings are more susceptible to complications than other piercings.

In Summary

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