The Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

This oft-reviled vegetable is making a comeback. Here are all the most significant health benefits of Brussels sprouts.

The cruciferous vegetable consistently ranks among the top five most hated veggies in America, among children and adults alike. But the health benefits of Brussels sprouts are undeniable.

They are roasted, air-fried, tossed with bacon, and drizzled with syrup for flavor combinations that satisfy even the most skeptical palate.

The Resurgence of Sprouts

Breaking Down The Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts offer enormous benefits, especially to women. First, they are rich in vitamin K, the vitamin that is essential for both blood clotting and bone health.

Vitamins aside, another reason to add Brussels sprouts to your plate is the cancer-fighting and preventative properties.

Finally, the high fiber content of Brussels offers a multitude of benefits from guy health to lower cholesterol, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and decreased risk of colon cancer.

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