Strengthening Exercises to Target Your Gluteus Medius

Aesthetically speaking, a lifted, toned tush leaves a lasting impression. But from a physical standpoint, having good glutes is about more than filling out your favorite jeans.

This important muscle works with the gluteus maximus to flex and extend the leg. It is the muscle in charge of stabilizing the pelvis and keeping you balanced as you move forward.

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To prevent these issues and strengthen the gluteus medius you need to add abduction with resistance to your workouts.

Banded Glute Bridge with Abduction

Like the squat with alternating leg lifts, a banded glute bridge with abduction incorporates all the glute muscles but pays special attention to the medius.

Lateral Band Walks

This move, when done correctly, will fire up the gluteus medius quickly and give you a good burn.


It will help you leave aches, pains, and injuries in your lower back, hips, and knees in the rearview.

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