Social Media Posts That Are Hurting Your Relationships

None of us is immune from many of these hardships and annoyances of life, but we can always choose a more positive perspective and outlook.

At the very least, we have a responsibility to filter through what should or shouldn’t be shared on social media.

The Negative Posts

While things like this happen no matter our circumstances in life, the complaints are better left to private conversations.

The Embarrassing Posts

Those candid moments aren’t always beneficial in the long run.

The General Over-sharing Posts

Chances are, if you’re constantly oversharing on social media, you don’t feel the inappropriateness because it has become normal.

The Disingenuous “My Life is Amazing” Posts

My initial response to this was, “Nope!” While it’s true that those sorts of posts can come from a genuine and sincere place, it’s manipulation.

If social media posts are pre-determining who you are to others, it might be time to change your approach to what you post.

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