Should You Do Cardio Before Or After Lifting Weights?

Combining weight lifting with cardio can increase the benefits of both. The order in which you do them can make a difference though. Find out why.

– Keeps your heart in shape and healthy – Burns extra calories – Increased stamina – Ward off viral illnesses

Benefits Of Cardio

While cardio doesn’t specifically build your muscles, it is a necessary component of a comprehensive workout because it strengthens your heart and increases blood flow.

– Help you manage or lose weight – Increase metabolism to help burn more calories – Protect your joints from injury

Benefits Of Lifting Weights

– Prioritize heart health – Burns more calories per minute – Helpful for weight loss – Enhanced mood

Benefits Of Doing Cardio Before Lifting Weights

– Better for building muscle and strength – Helpful for fat loss – Reserve energy for lifting heavier and longer

Benefits of Lifting Weights Before Doing Cardio

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