Sea Moss Benefits

Although the name conjures up images of green, fuzzy stuff on trees, Sea Moss is actually a type of algae found along rocky coastlines in Europe and North America.

What is Sea Moss?

Small and spiky-looking, this vegan, gluten-free seafood is rich in nutrients, including a whopping 92 of the 102 essential minerals the body needs to function.

Why Should I Take Sea Moss?

The amino acids and protein found in sea moss have been shown to aid in muscle building and recovery.

Additional Benefits

This helps our body fight off infections and helps those with allergies or a cold or flu feel fewer effects for less time.

How Do I Take It?

As a supplement, sea moss is available at most health food stores or online retailers in gel, pill, or powder form.

It is also easier to incorporate into your favorite recipes like soup, tea, and the famous Kim K. smoothie.

“The cool part of using it in cooking is that you get the taste of the ocean without using any protein,” says Elwood’s Shack Chef and Owner Tim Bednarski.

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