Save Money on Prescriptions

Many people have heard of non-insurance prescription cards. I decided to do some comparisons, and the two I settled on based on savings and location count were GoodRx and SingleCare.

For me, I like convenience, but I LOVE saving money. In some cases, the difference was minor - just a few cents - but in others, the SingleCare card could save you up to $5 more.

Which One Did I Choose?

In my case, the SingleCare card was the better choice, which I determined based on the cost savings I would see throughout the year.

SingleCare can be used at 35,000+ pharmacies nationwide. While I obviously don’t need that many options, the list includes CVS and Costco, where we get some of my husband’s medications.

SingleCare offers discounts on 10,000+ generic and brand name drugs, including up to 80% off some medications.

The card can be used by the whole family, so I can use it for my husband’s monthly prescriptions as well as the occasional meds that my sick kiddos require.

When choosing from the options, the obvious choice for me was SingleCare because of the cost savings and loyalty program.

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