The jeans you are wearing, you know – the old and faithful comfortable ones – could be aging you and making your butt look flatter than it is or giving you a pancake butt.

 Are Your Jeans Giving You Pancake Butt?

What is Pancake Butt?

Pancake butt is obviously a flat butt. It may appear elongated (so it looks long and flat) as you lose your underbutt.

Look Younger From Behind

Have you ever been in line behind someone and can immediately judge their age before ever seeing their face? Some of this is due to choices in clothing and hairstyle, but much of it has to do with the physique

A Great Butt Is Not Just Vanity; It is Healthy!

A great posterior will give you a stronger core and better balance overall.

Eliminate Pancake Butt With Banded Squats

We have shared the benefits of banded squats, and I want to remind you that these are awesome exercises to lift and tone that butt. Resistance bands are portable and affordable, so they are a great choice whether you are just getting started or looking to add something to your booty workout.

3 Easy Exercises You Can Do To Eliminate Pancake Butt

1. Stairmaster 2. Squats 3. Treadmill on an Incline

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