Mental Health Boosters for a Better You

There are such simple things that we can all do each day that decrease our stress levels and reduce our anxiety.

Here are a few that the members of the Prime Women team have taken on, and we’re all feeling more hopeful because of them. Here’s to being a happier, healthier version of you.

CBD and Ashwagandha are both known for their natural stress-relieving and relaxation-inducing properties.

Moonwlkr CBD: Ashwagandha Stress Relief Gummie, $39.99

Wearing this luxurious shawl collar robe makes you want to take the entire day off.

Berkshire Homewear Quilted Baby Fleece Shawl Collar Robe from QVC, $68

This comprehensive weight loss program combines telemedicine and FDA-approved medication, curriculum, 1:1 coaching, and tracking to improve metabolic health.

Calibrate Weight Loss Program

This chunky-knit Cotton Napper helps you sleep more deeply and wake feeling rested and revitalized.

Bearaby Weighted Blanket, $199

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