Lose Your Mind, Not Your Memory

If you've noticed that you're forgetting more than you used to, know that you're not alone. But losing your mind doesn’t have to lead to losing your memory and declining brain function.

Now’s the perfect time to ‘zone in’ on a few unexpected yet scientifically researched strategies to emerge with a healthier brain and improve your memory.

Simple Ways to Improve your Memory and Brain Health

Take One

Reading the paper, working out, and listening to the news all at the same time actually decreases your brain’s fitness level and can improve memory.

"They discovered that compounds in this high-quality olive oil's fat can flush out proteins that clog comms channels between brain cells, possibly delaying Alzheimer's." says Dr. Practico.

Heart-Head Connection

“Exercise is extremely important to maintaining good brain health,” Wheeler said, but he suggests you do something you truly enjoy.

Brain Boosters

Memory + Cognition Formula, $34.99

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