Is Your Bedroom Tired? Update It With These Five Tips

Is your bedroom a peaceful sanctuary that's conducive to a good night's sleep? If not, it might be time for a bedroom refresh.

While you can’t always control what is going on internally, you can set yourself up for sleep success by taking charge of your sleep hygiene with a bedroom refresh.

If your bedroom needs a makeover, consider the following tips that anyone can incorporate regardless of space or budget.

While buying all your bedroom furniture at a big box store can be tempting, it can make for a space that feels sterile and impersonal.

Beware the Box Store

You are going for a light, airy feel in the bedroom. Nothing kills that vibe faster than thick, wall-to-wall carpet or heavy drapes.

Ditch the Drapes and Cut the Carpet

Limit the number of surfaces in your bedroom so that there isn’t room for clutter, and go with a less is more approach when it comes to décor and accessories.

Lighten Up

It is also important to remember that the bedroom is where you go to relax, and bright, bold, or primary colors do not evoke feelings of serenity.

Color Coordinating

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