How to Stay Safe as a Woman Living Alone

Living with an extended circle of relatives is the most common type of household arrangement for older people around the world.

Still, in the United States, older people are far less likely to live this way and far more likely to live alone or with only a spouse or partner.

Today, we can see that technology has also been adjusting to these changes with more and more devices designed to promote independence many in this age group seek to pursue.

Is it Possible To Be Alone and Safe After 60?

 Consider these tips for protecting yourself while living alone.

Keep Emergency Numbers Nearby:

Keeping a list of emergency numbers near each phone, and another in your purse or wallet.

Create a Safe Environment:

Install motion-sensor lights outside your home; intruders will be less likely to sneak around.

Safety Around The Home

– Avoid slippery conditions by installing handrails and grab bars. – Remove safety hazards from the floors and staircases.

Living Room

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