How to Get a Guy to Kiss You

You both may be shy, afraid of rejection, insecure, or any number of reasons. These 10 tips make getting a guy to kiss you less scary!

If your gut tells you he doesn’t want to kiss you, don’t push the issue and risk humiliation. His consent and excitement to kiss you are important and make the act enjoyable.

First off, make sure your lips are fine and dandy. Nobody wants to kiss a cold sore, chapped lips, or layers of sticky lipstick.

Always Be Prepared

A dash of lipstick and some subtle puckering is a good place to start. Try putting your hand over your mouth when you laugh (preferably at something funny he says).

Draw Attention to Your Lips

Get close to him. If it’s chilly outside, try “I’m so cold” and snuggle in a little. If you aren’t outside… get outside or find an air conditioner.

Invade His Space…  a Little

Eye contact plays a big part in getting a man to kiss you. He likes to know you’re invested in him and what he’s saying.

Make Eye Contact

Close the gap between you so he doesn’t have far to go to make contact with your lips. This will show him you’re interested.

Lean In

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