Flattering Hairstyles for Round Faces

A new hairstyle can quickly elevate our look, but not all hairstyles work well with our face shape. Here are great cuts for women with round faces.

It’s difficult to understand what style complements what face shape, and sometimes, we don’t realize we’ve chosen an unflattering style until we try something new.

Adding a deep side part is such an easy move for any hair length or texture because it slims out the face (No need to join in on the middle part fad!).

The Side Part

Avoid anything too full in the middle, and instead, shoot for loose, casual, and even messy waves for the best effect.

Long Loose Waves

Whether your hair is styled up, down, straight, or curly, adding visual interest and height at the root will draw the eye up and away from the fullest part of the face.

Teasing at the Root

Women who wish to camouflage a full face should not do low or even mid-height ponytails as these will only bring more attention to a round-shaped face.

The High Ponytail

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