Expert-Approved Tips for Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating can be a great solution if you struggle with your relationship with food. Intuitive eating is basically an anti-diet.

If you are interested in getting into intuitive eating, read on. We’ll walk through our best tips for healing your relationship with food and breaking out of the diet mentality.

Part of healing your relationship with food is understanding and responding to your own hunger.

Pay Attention To Your Hunger Cues

This helps you enjoy it completely and will make you better at recognizing your own satiation cues.

Don’t Eat While You Are Distracted

If you are having a rough day, it can be tempting to treat yourself to a piece of sugary or greasy food.

Don’t Engage In Emotional Eating

You don’t want to try and force your body into a size or shape that is unhealthy.

Investigate Your Body Expectations

No food is inherently good or bad. Some foods might be best when consumed in moderation, while others might be okay to consume in large volumes.

Stop Thinking Of Foods As “Good” or “Bad”

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