DIY Easter Crafts To Do With Grandkids

Easter is just around the corner so why not have some fun? Get creative and make these 5 DIY Easter crafts with your grandkids.

Most of these are made from items you may already have in your home. Pickle jars work great as Mason jars, and if you have yarn hanging around, you can create your own pom-poms.

Items Needed: – Clay Pots – Styrofoam Balls – Acrylic Paint – Sponge Brushes – Hot Glue Gun – E6000 Glue – Wiggle Eyes

Clay Pot Easter Bunny

Items Needed: – Plastic Easter Eggs – Acrylic Paint In Various Colors – Small Paint Brush – Easter Candy

Decorative Plastic Easter Eggs

Items Needed: – Large Mason Jar – Acrylic Paint – Easter Candy – Spring Flowers – Small Paint Brush – Easter Grass – Glue Dots And Hot Glue

Mason Jar Easter Gift

Items Needed: – Mason Jars in Different Sizes – Acrylic Paint  – Wiggle Eyes – White Pipe Cleaners – White Pom-Poms – Pink Pom-Poms

Easter Bunny Jar

Items Needed: – Mason Jar  – Styrofoam Ball – Wiggle Eyes – White Pipe Cleaners – Pink Pom-Pom – Easter Ribbon

Jellybean Easter Bunny

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