Delicious Alkaline-Rich Foods and Breakfast Options

The idea is that eating certain foods or drinks can alter the pH value in your body, or acid level, to improve your well-being.

We’re going to suggest ideas for you to add more high-alkaline foods to your diet, focusing on breakfast foods in particular.

Why does the body’s acid level matter?

The gastrointestinal system secretes gastric acids to support the digestion process, which is responsible for breaking down food.

How do you adjust pH levels?

Cauliflower and broccoli will help balance the alkaline pH in your system.

How about meal ideas for the alkaline diet?

We have several options for breakfasts that pack some alkaline punch.

- Avocado toast - Smoothies - Grain-free Granola - Chia seed pudding

Just make the effort to work in more vegetables, fruits, and nuts. These choices will enhance your total well-being, no matter if your end goal is weight loss or just overall wellness.

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